This past week was rough.

Yesterday was the hubby’s last day at church.  There were tears and laughter  and lots of prayer.

Leaving was probably one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, if not the hardest.  We left a home, friends, a family.  We left a place we had poured over three years of work into. We left the reason that had brought us to this city.

We got up early Sunday morning.  5 am early.  We went through set up for the last time trying not to think about the fact it was the last time.  We joked around about how we wouldn’t miss some of the crappy parts, like unloading the trailer or putting the big awkward screen up or setting the lights up in the wrong order (which of course I did on my last day).

The service was just like any other.  Worship went smoothly and people sang their hearts out.  In the middle of the sermon our friend who was running sound accidentally bumped a power button with his knee and the microphone cut out.  Oops.  Ha.

After the service was over we hugged people goodbye and told them not to make us cry and gave final high fives to some kiddos.  And then we tore down the stage, just like every other Sunday except that it was the last time.  No more trying to cram every last music stand into the case or rolling dozens of cables or hitting our heads on the trailer while we load up.  No more giggling about something that happened during the set that no one else noticed or hearing DH jokingly give someone a hard time about something random they did or said or making plans for Sunday afternoon lunch after everything is packed away.

We were, needless to say, emotionally and physically exhausted.  We came home and laid down and didn’t wake up until 6 pm.  Even though we were supposed to be at dinner at 6:30.  Oops.

We walked in at 6:32.  I’m still impressed.

After a series of unfortunate events where the restaurant lost the confirmed reservation we had and couldn’t seat us all fourteen of us headed over to another restaurant down the street where we could have the patio area to ourselves.  We giggled during the prayer for some reason that I can’t remember now and ate yummy Italian food and enjoyed being together.  They gave us cards with some messages that made us tear up and some that made us laugh out loud.  We didn’t leave until it was clear we were being rude by staying because the staff were trying to clean up.

DH and I came home and processed.  It was a sad, pensive, hopeful, exhausting, affirming, awesome day.  Even now, one day later, I’m sad because I can’t remember some of the details (what were we laughing about during the prayer?).  We have such amazing friends that I can’t even put into words what they mean to us.  We are confident that these relationships will continue.  We refuse to have it any other way.  We are blessed beyond belief.

And now the adventure begins.  We cannot wait to see where God takes us next.


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  1. Miranda

    We were laughing because Allen prayed about the tragedy at Big View :) Such a good day yesterday! We will miss you guys so much! Thanks for all you’ve done.

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