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Change of seasons…

I love how excited little kids get about the seasons changing.  When the little boy that I nanny for was two (he’s five now), he woke up from his nap one day yelling for me (which is rarely a good sign!).

“Tay-tay! (his cute name for me) Come here!  Hurry!”

“What’s up, buddy?”

“The leaves. On the tree. Are orange. It’s FALL TIME!”

Holy cuteness.  He was so excited about “fall time” that for the next couple of weeks he analyzed every tree on the way to school to see if it had turned orange or red.  He loved looking for signs of the new season.

His sister (who is three) has been excited the past couple of days about spring.  She’s loving looking for the first signs of flowers blooming and her current reply to anyone who tells her hello is “Hi! Spring is coming!”  After we picked her brother up from school they talked animatedly the whole way home about the flowers they had seen that day.

Spring is coming.  I think spring is the most optimistic of all the seasons.  Things that have been dormant are coming back to life.  Color is returning to the landscape.  Trees are starting to sprout buds.  The sky is more blue than gray these days.

This past season has been hard.  Life has been hard for DH and me.  There was a lot of heaviness in our lives for the past few months as several doors shut for us.  Some of the doors we had known for awhile were going to close and we were just waiting for the final click of the latch.  Some of the doors had just opened when they slammed in our faces without warning.  It was a rough season for us.

But spring is coming.

While we never, ever doubted that God was walking along with us and we never, ever questioned His greatness, we still struggled.  We struggled with hurt feelings, friendships that were no more, and very final endings.  We struggled with starting a new chapter when we weren’t sure we really wanted to leave the old one behind.  There were days when I was exhausted by the evening because I had emotionally wrestled with God all day.

We don’t feel that way anymore.

Every day we see signs of the new season.  DH and I look at each other and talk about the hope we have.  We are hoping again.  We are dreaming again.  We are ready to get back to living again.  We are not stuck in our own wallowing anymore.  We’ve always known that God is good and that He has provided for us, but now we feel it.

The sky is more blue than gray these days.

Praise Him.

Soli Deo Gloria.



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