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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

[For the record, I totally stole this idea from my friend Tasha.  Just wanted to give credit where credit was due.]

So, today is my husband’s birthday.  His 34th birthday, to be exact.  I’ve decided to list the Top 20* reasons why I love my husband.  Mushy?  Maybe.  Too bad. :)

1. He loves Jesus. I love knowing that he desires to be the best Christ follower he can be and is also willing to admit that he’ll always fall short.

2. He’s a musician. What can I say?  I’m not the only girl with a thing for musicians. ;)

3. He follows his heart, even when it’s not easy. He left a good-paying job in ATL to start playing music full time, and last year stepped out in faith by leaving his church job to tour more.  Tough decisions that didn’t make sense to the world, but what he felt God was leading him to do.

4. He does his own laundry. All the time.  Even the ironing.  Enough said.

5. He can cook. Not just that, but he can cook well.  It’s so nice to come home on the days I have late lessons and walk in to dinner being ready.

6. He’ll watch “girly” TV shows with me. I hope this doesn’t revoke his man card, but he’s just as interested in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice as I am.

7. He makes me laugh. It’s usually about the stupidest stuff, but I’m not sure anyone laughs as much as we do together.

8. He has a great hairstyle. Or lack thereof.  I’m a fan of the bald look. :)

9. He lets me know that he appreciates me. He’s always thanking me for the things I do, even when they’re not really a big deal.

10. He speaks with kindness. No one is perfect, the two of us included, but we try very intentionally to communicate kindly around our house, which is something he initiated.  We can both be hurt easily by words, so we make an effort to avoid that as much as possible.  We disagree about things but we’ve never had a screaming match (yet – haha).  I’m thankful that he brought up our communication while we were still dating and established healthy boundaries.

11. He guards his heart. I’m not naive to the struggles most guys go through, and he has placed safeguards in his life to help him resist temptation.  We use a computer software called Covenant Eyes and it’s awesome.  I’m so thankful he trusted me enough to open up to me about this and take the steps necessary to fight it.

12.  He cares immensely for other people. He has a heart for hurting people and wants to help wherever he can.

13.  He loves our pets. In fact, we wouldn’t even have our chihuahua Cash if he wasn’t such a softie to animals.  One look at that little buddy and he knew we had to bring him home.

14. He likes low key days. Sometimes Date Day involves all-day jammies and The Office marathons.  And it’s bliss.

15.  He’s good with kids. Whether they call him Mr. Scott, Scottie, or Burrito (ahem…don’t ask), he’s always great with them.

16.  He loves learning. He’s always up for reading a good book or listening to NPR.  Even if I make fun of him because I think the subject matter is boring I love that he wants to continually learn.  Which is why it was perfect that…

17.  He took me to Washington, D.C. for our honeymoon. It was the perfect place for broke nerds like us who wouldn’t have wanted to lay on the beach for a whole week even if we could have afforded a plane ticket.  Free museums?  Yes, please!

18.  He thinks of my little sister as his little sister. She actually had her boyfriend pretty scared of us before we met him because he knew he needed our approval.  He passed the test. :)

19.  He’s a good friend. If you need someone to walk through a hard time with you, this is the guy.  He’ll cry with you and offer advice and ask the tough questions.

20.  He puts up with me! I am a slob (which I am working on) and a nerd (which I don’t think there’s any hope for).  I pretty much always look disheveled and I clam up around new people because I am awful at small talk.  Whenever I do something particularly quirky, he just smiles and shakes his head (and sometimes calls me a nerd, which I can’t deny).  He knew what he was getting into when he married me. :)

I love you, babe.  You’re my best friend and I’m so thankful to be your wife.  I hope your birthday is wonderful. :)


* I realize 20 is a random number.  10 reasons just didn’t feel like enough, and I was going to go all the way to 34 but I realized that I would probably end up boring people more than I already was.  So, 20 it is. :)



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Today is a blissful day.

We got up around 8:00 this morning (which is definitely sleeping in when compared to a typical Sunday for us).

We went to a friend’s house and let her dogs out (we were dog sitting for the weekend), came back and each had a piece of pinto bean pie (don’t judge — it’s DH’s granny’s recipe and it’s ah-mazing) for breakfast.

We had a leisurely time of getting ready and then left to stop by my favorite coffee place where I lucked out and they had my favorite flavor of iced coffee — snickerdoodle.  Yum.

Then we — wait for it — went to church together.

[I’ll give you a second to recover from the shock. ;) ]

We haven’t actually gone to church together where one of us (usually DH) wasn’t playing or working with kids or doing something for two years.  And even then we helped tear down after that service.  We walked into church five minutes before the service started and worshiped together.  We had no responsibilities in the service.  We didn’t have to be alert to our next cue.  We were able to worship and just soak in what was going on.

We had lunch with amazing friends who know us and have seen us at our worst and still choose to be our friends.  We ate yummy food and relaxed and laughed and just hung out.

We braved the tax-free weekend crowds and shopped for a bit and I found $5 flip flops.

Now we get to relax at home together.

I know all days can’t be this good, but I’m going to bask in the enjoyment of this one for awhile.

This day is bliss.


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We have less than $10 in our checking account.

An awkward confession?  Probably.

A sign of God’s faithfulness?  Absolutely.

Even though we have less than $10, our bills are paid.  We have food in our house.  Our mortgage is current.  We know that paychecks will be coming in the mail and direct deposits will be showing up in our account by the end of the week.

In a few days, it will be exactly six months since DH left his job in November.  Six months.  It’s absolutely unreal.  It has been six months since we have had a regular, full time income in our household, and even though there are things that I want to buy, there is nothing I need to buy.

We are so well provided for that it’s overwhelming.

We stress, of course.  We worry and fret and sometimes have to tell the power company that they’ll get their money a week late.  We have to turn down opportunities to have dinner with friends because the fanciest thing we can afford right now if Chick-fil-A, and even that is only for special occasions like Date Day.  Thankfully, we rarely worry at the same time, which we believe is God’s way of making marriage work.  The calm one can always talk sense into the stressed one. :)

God has blessed us with work.  We both have been given opportunities to make money by doing the things we love, whether it’s playing music (DH) or teaching and caring for children (me).  We are still living free of any credit card debt.  Money doesn’t fall from the sky, but sometimes the chance to make money seems to.  I was given the opportunity to do some typing for a friend’s business and the amount I made added up to enough for me to buy shoes and get my hair done for a wedding that I’m a bridesmaid for in a few weeks.

I know that we probably won’t always live the kind of life where I’m happy to have only $10.  I may even be able to one day get my haircut without budgeting tightly or buy dog food without checking the bank account.  I think, though, that when that day comes, I will miss having to rely on God as much, as strange as that sounds.  On a daily basis we see God’s faithfulness in providing exactly what we need, even if we selfishly think that we need more.  We are reminded that our sustenance comes from God and God alone.  For some reason He has seen fit to bless us beyond our wildest imagination, and we are thankful beyond words.  As much as we turn to Him in the desert now, I hope that we turn to Him even more in the harvest that is to come one day in the future.


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Change of seasons…

I love how excited little kids get about the seasons changing.  When the little boy that I nanny for was two (he’s five now), he woke up from his nap one day yelling for me (which is rarely a good sign!).

“Tay-tay! (his cute name for me) Come here!  Hurry!”

“What’s up, buddy?”

“The leaves. On the tree. Are orange. It’s FALL TIME!”

Holy cuteness.  He was so excited about “fall time” that for the next couple of weeks he analyzed every tree on the way to school to see if it had turned orange or red.  He loved looking for signs of the new season.

His sister (who is three) has been excited the past couple of days about spring.  She’s loving looking for the first signs of flowers blooming and her current reply to anyone who tells her hello is “Hi! Spring is coming!”  After we picked her brother up from school they talked animatedly the whole way home about the flowers they had seen that day.

Spring is coming.  I think spring is the most optimistic of all the seasons.  Things that have been dormant are coming back to life.  Color is returning to the landscape.  Trees are starting to sprout buds.  The sky is more blue than gray these days.

This past season has been hard.  Life has been hard for DH and me.  There was a lot of heaviness in our lives for the past few months as several doors shut for us.  Some of the doors we had known for awhile were going to close and we were just waiting for the final click of the latch.  Some of the doors had just opened when they slammed in our faces without warning.  It was a rough season for us.

But spring is coming.

While we never, ever doubted that God was walking along with us and we never, ever questioned His greatness, we still struggled.  We struggled with hurt feelings, friendships that were no more, and very final endings.  We struggled with starting a new chapter when we weren’t sure we really wanted to leave the old one behind.  There were days when I was exhausted by the evening because I had emotionally wrestled with God all day.

We don’t feel that way anymore.

Every day we see signs of the new season.  DH and I look at each other and talk about the hope we have.  We are hoping again.  We are dreaming again.  We are ready to get back to living again.  We are not stuck in our own wallowing anymore.  We’ve always known that God is good and that He has provided for us, but now we feel it.

The sky is more blue than gray these days.

Praise Him.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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God is good…

I’m at home today.

This may not seem earth-shattering to you.  In fact, it probably seems rather mundane and not even worth mentioning.

It’s weird because it’s Sunday.  I’m at home on a Sunday.  I slept in today, drank coffee, and read my Bible.  Now as I’m typing this I’m listening to David Crowder Band’s Church Music album and watching my pups look out the window waiting for my husband to get home.

Oh, change of plans.  Now they’re racing around the house beating the tar out of each other.  Lovely. :)

Life has changed fairly dramatically for us these past couple of weeks, but we are constantly reminded of the goodness and provision of God.  Every day we are reminded that we are blessed and completely taken care of.  Our schedules are definitely crazier with me still working during the day but DH having gigs mostly at night.  We still try to keep Fridays open to make sure we leave that time for us to reconnect as a couple.  We also get Saturday mornings to sleep in and be lazy together.

God is good.

There’s a lot less stress in our house.  DH goes to services on Sundays without certain tasks hanging over his head (i.e. setting up the sound equipment, hauling the trailer to the school, worrying about media issues) and because he’s mostly just playing keys rather than leading his stress level has all but evaporated.

God is good.

We worry about finances, but this is the first pay period that we haven’t received a check from the church and enough money showed up this week (from gigs, rental property, and piano lessons) that it pretty much covers the paycheck we would have received.

God is good.

We have to make tough decisions sometimes now that things are a little tighter financially, like not being able to visit either of our families for Thanksgiving this week.  We went back and forth for weeks before finally deciding it would not be financially responsible for us to make the trip to Indiana that we were planning, and we were so sad about it.  Instead, we spent our weekly grocery budget and worked together to make a fabulous dinner with enough leftovers to last us a week.  We spent two days planning, shopping, and cooking together and had so much fun.  I introduced him to scalloped corn and he introduced me to pinto bean pie (which I had for breakfast with coffee, by the way).  We didn’t just make a dinner — we made memories.

God is good.

I could go on and on.  We have seen His faithfulness so often through this whole journey.  Yes, we get stressed, and yes, we freak out about the uncertainty sometimes.  Then we remember that we’ve never not been provided for.  How can we worry when we’ve always been taken care of?

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This past week was rough.

Yesterday was the hubby’s last day at church.  There were tears and laughter  and lots of prayer.

Leaving was probably one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, if not the hardest.  We left a home, friends, a family.  We left a place we had poured over three years of work into. We left the reason that had brought us to this city.

We got up early Sunday morning.  5 am early.  We went through set up for the last time trying not to think about the fact it was the last time.  We joked around about how we wouldn’t miss some of the crappy parts, like unloading the trailer or putting the big awkward screen up or setting the lights up in the wrong order (which of course I did on my last day).

The service was just like any other.  Worship went smoothly and people sang their hearts out.  In the middle of the sermon our friend who was running sound accidentally bumped a power button with his knee and the microphone cut out.  Oops.  Ha.

After the service was over we hugged people goodbye and told them not to make us cry and gave final high fives to some kiddos.  And then we tore down the stage, just like every other Sunday except that it was the last time.  No more trying to cram every last music stand into the case or rolling dozens of cables or hitting our heads on the trailer while we load up.  No more giggling about something that happened during the set that no one else noticed or hearing DH jokingly give someone a hard time about something random they did or said or making plans for Sunday afternoon lunch after everything is packed away.

We were, needless to say, emotionally and physically exhausted.  We came home and laid down and didn’t wake up until 6 pm.  Even though we were supposed to be at dinner at 6:30.  Oops.

We walked in at 6:32.  I’m still impressed.

After a series of unfortunate events where the restaurant lost the confirmed reservation we had and couldn’t seat us all fourteen of us headed over to another restaurant down the street where we could have the patio area to ourselves.  We giggled during the prayer for some reason that I can’t remember now and ate yummy Italian food and enjoyed being together.  They gave us cards with some messages that made us tear up and some that made us laugh out loud.  We didn’t leave until it was clear we were being rude by staying because the staff were trying to clean up.

DH and I came home and processed.  It was a sad, pensive, hopeful, exhausting, affirming, awesome day.  Even now, one day later, I’m sad because I can’t remember some of the details (what were we laughing about during the prayer?).  We have such amazing friends that I can’t even put into words what they mean to us.  We are confident that these relationships will continue.  We refuse to have it any other way.  We are blessed beyond belief.

And now the adventure begins.  We cannot wait to see where God takes us next.

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